OpenWISP 2

the modular configuration manager for OpenWRT / LEDE

By Federico Capoano / @nemesisdesign


“Intelligence is the ability to avoid doing work, yet getting the work done.”

Linus Torvalds

One day that changed my life was...

25th of October 2014

Google Mentor Summit in California

The number 1 reason Open Source is important for companies (IMHO)

Share the lower level solutions
to fix more important problems.

Enter OpenWISP 2

the modular configuration manager for OpenWRT / LEDE


Which you can reuse instead of building
your own from scratch.

Deeply thankful to speak here

Thank your for your involvement in
Open Source networking!

OpenWRT/LEDE core developers, Prpl foundation, CZ.nic

I'm Federico Capoano

OpenWISP Core Developer

Since 2012

Configuration Overview

«A look at the core of OpenWISP 2»

Configuration Templates

«Don't repeat yourself!»


«Automate the boring stuff!»

VPN and x509 certificates

«For both management and traffic!»

GIS module

«Outdoor and indoor mapping»

Network Topology Module

«Mesh networks are great»


«So what?»

OpenWISP 2 is growing

1K users by the end of 2017

Google Summer of Code 2017

5 projects completed successfully

Google Code-In

Bring the next generation
in the OpenWRT community

Let's work together!

Interested in OpenWISP?
Come and talk to me!



Twitter: @openwisp

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